A stylish and natural goodbye
With an ecological coffin.
Onora, a conscious goodbye.

Onora's Coffin

The answer to your desire for Sustainability.
A Biodegradable Coffin.

We Are Onora

Live Consciously,
Choose consciously,
also for your last move ....

From Cradle to Grave

The Biodegradable Coffin.
Made from 100% nature.


Made from Organic Material

Onora’s coffins are made from biomass. This ecological materialThis is 100% organic material like potato starch and mais.

Beautiful Appearance

In essence biomass has a different look and feel than conventional plastics. Onora’s ecological coffins have a matte and natural appearance, due to its light structure and the use of natural color pigments and fibers.

Natural Firmness

The coffin is formed in a mold and has the advantage that few material are being used. The wall thickness of the coffin is only 4 mm, however the coffin feels firm and stiff due to the reinforcing ribs and it can handle at least 150 kg.

The Right Shape

Onora’s coffin is formed in a unique mold and so Onora was free in choosing the shape. Onora has tried to give the coffin an “organic” shape, based on the principle of a cocoon. With rounded corners, curves and a curved lid (no straight sides) the coffin will be a soft, final resting place.

100% Recyclable

In the event of a burial, the material used for the coffin will be incorporated into the soil within a period of 10 years. No harmful residues are released. In the event of a cremation, the coffin will burn ‘clean’ and release up to 75% less toxic gases than with traditional coffins.

From Cradle to Grave

Our standpoint at Onora is to develop funeral products in a sustainable way and we do not compromise. That’s why Onora makes her coffins from 100% organic material like potato starch and mais. The material comes from nature and returns to nature; something that represents the natural aspect of death. Completely according to our philosophy “from Cradle to Grave”.

From Cradle to Grave

The biomass that Onora uses for its products is 100% organic material like potato starch and mais. This can be made into granulate and then processed like conventional synthetic material (hence the name bioplastic). The granulate is placed into the mold under high pressure and the coffin is formed. The coffins turn into harmless compost and the ground becomes fertile for new growth. Everything according to the philosophy “from Cradle to Grave”. The coffin comes from nature and returns to nature.

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